Value and control your accounting data with geoficiency
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geoficiency, a global solution for control
and accounting investigation

Any companies or corporate group / Any ERP (enterprise resource planning) / All accounting plans / All countries / All data volumes
Audit and internal control, Sapin 2 / Compliance, quality and accounting coherence, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), FEC Analysis and preparations for tax control, and more...

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Our Promise:
Deliver the most efficient accounting control solution by combining the most powerful technologies and the most advanced business expertise

geoficiency Augmenter votre efficacité opérationnelle

Increase your operational efficiency

The 300 controls from geoficiency's library allow you to insure that your organization is running smoothly and that your flows are of the highest quality. With geoficiency, you can investigate and control your risk situations.
geoficiency Réaliser les contrôles comptables Sapin 2

Carry out Sapin 2 accounting controls

All accounting controls levels 1, 2, 3 are carried out and documented natively into the Sapin 2 module.
The Sapin 2 module was awarded by the Cercle de la Compliance's special jury prize in 2020 for its unique response to the AFA's recommendations.
geoficiency Unir et réduire vos efforts de contrôles

Group and reduce your control efforts

Your different departments (accounting, finance, audit, internal control, taxation, compliance, ...) all share a common analysis tool. Investigations and conclusions from different professions can be shared. A true team work made easy.
geoficiency Optimiser et maîtriser votre budget

Optimise and control your budget

geoficiency is an all-in-one solution. All functionalities and analysis are available, you are free to use them as you see fit. A single solution for all of your companies, for your accounting and control professions, with a budget fixed in advance.

100% of our clients are satisfied with our solution and technical support

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geoficiency is considered very satisfactory on:

  • Overall quality of the solution
  • Suitability to the clients’ needs
  • Ergonomics and functionalities
  • Relevance of controls
  • Quality in response time

geoficiency‘s services considered above expectations on:

  • General quality of the relationship with the geoficiency team
  • Quality of the technical assistance for implementation
  • Reactivity

geoficiency adapts to you

Computer geoficiency all countries, all accounting systems, no volumetric limit, all accounting plans, all organisations

Easy to use and deploy, the geoficiency collaborative platform adapts to your organization and specificities

  • Increase accounting quality and reliability
  • Fight against fraud
  • Increase your audit and internal control power
  • Respond to Sapin 2 compliance challenges
  • Increase your financial performance
  • Detects double payments
  • Further secure M&A operations
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Enter your data easily, let geoficiency do the work and exploit the results

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Frequently Asked Questions on geoficiency

The implementation time for geoficiency can be very short, sometimes a few hours are enough. This is often the case when responding to a crisis or emergency situation, or when carrying out additional analysis during external growth operations. When deploying geoficiency in an international group, with many different ERPs and charts of accounts, the delay may be greater, but this is mainly due to the organizational rather than the technical aspects.
This speed can be demonstrated during a POC. Our responsiveness in sharing geoficiency‘s analysis with you removes any doubts on this point.

Yes, geoficiency is natively designed for this. What is important to note is that, even if the data sources are heterogeneous, the analysis carried out will be homogeneous, therefore comparable. To accentuate this comparability, a pivot currency feature can be used.

geoficiency adapts to all types of companies (excluding banking and insurance sectors as they usually use accounting plans that are specific to their sectors).
geoficiency has already displayed its ability to respond to both large international groups and smaller independant structures.
Generally speaking, geoficiency responds to any company or group that wishes to acquire a simple and powerful solution for analyzing and controlling its accounting flows and practices, regardless of the volume of the data.

Very little time !
Usually, we advise (and often run) a training of 2 sessions of 2 hours. The first session allows you to familiarize yourself with geoficiency features, the second session comes after a few weeks of use and allows us to answer practical questions you may have or share tips and tricks between users.
Our recommendation is that you name “super-users” able to run those training sessions internally.
In parallel, our customers can also build their own strategy and organization regarding the use of geoficiency. Our highly experienced business partners can support you during your decision making process.

Data is stored in France and benefits from a high level of security, which we can explain further in the context of direct exchanges.
We regularly carry out “Penetration Test” (PENTEST) entrusted to certified external experts.
The test results demonstrate our attention in this area.
We regularly respond to our customers’ security questionnaires and have always been judged satisfactory by the security departments that have studied our answers.


You may already know geoficiency users in your circle of contacts, in which case do not hesitate contacting them. If you’d like to talk to us directly, we usually put our prospects in touch with one or more of our customers, as we believe that our clients are best suited to testify of geoficiency‘s effectiveness and the quality of our technical support.

They control their accounting data with geoficiency


Responsiveness and efficiency are the watchwords of the geoficiency team. All commitments were met, and sometimes exceeded. Throughout this period of training, tests and data checks, the promise of flexibility and support was more than kept... It's rare and pleasing to get this kind of feedback when a new solution is first deployed.

Pascal Perrier Director of CSP and Group Finance Digital Transformation at Saint-Gobain

Thanks to geoficiency, we have strengthen our environment control. Versatile and agile, this solution goes beyond Audit plan assistance data mining as well as Sapin 2. The tool, just like the expertise and the geoficiency's teams diligence and BM&A are a real plus.

Nicolas Masselles Director of Audit and Internal Control, ELIOR Group

We hope to give financial directors tools that will allow to better supervise their internal control, and improve their process and the solution offers a wide range choice of reportings, adapts to needs... One of these controls already existed before, but were neither systematic nor uniform in every subsidiaries.
We now are in possession of a true automated control tower.

Alexandre Charpy Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, RAJA Group

In 2021, GEO was recognized and distinguished. In 2023, geoficiency is even more successful and accomplished.

  • geoficiency prix Finance Innovation
    Finance Innovation's "Label of Excellence 2020" for financial services businesses
  • geoficiency prix le cercle de la compliance
    Cercle de la Compliance 2020 Special Jury Prize