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The merger of business expertise
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Launched in 2020, geoficiency was designed by a dedicated team of data analysis experts, accounting experts, internal control and audit specialists, certified fraud examiners, Sapin 2 specialists, M&A stakeholders, and tax specialists.
The challenge was to design a unique, simple, powerful solution that could adapt to all contexts and meet all needs based on the use of accounting and financial information.
geoficiency is the result of this successful alchemy, acclaimed by its customers, which we now make available to you.

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geoficiency organizational chart 2024
geoficiency équipe collaborateurs

Operational account manager (ROC)

Your operational account manager (“ROC” as we call them) will support you from day one. He/she is your reference point of contact on all subjects (techniques, professions, planning). Experienced, he/she works alongside you, trains your employees, answers your questions and relays your needs to the geoficiency technical team.

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Business partners

Our business partners manage or support your projects to guarantee maximum suitability for your organization and your needs. Defining objectives, taking into account your context and the risks to be covered, adapting to your organization, training and communication, assisting you when you need to exploit analysis, our business partners are the facilitators of your projects, including those in which geoficiency would be just one of the components.

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