The geoficiency users Club

The geoficiency club

geoficiency is the right combination of tool performance combined with professional know-how.

We created the geoficiency Club for all our clients: a place where our users can come together around major business themes and help develop their experience on the platform.

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Main objectives

  • Share experiences and good practices around specific themes: Sapin 2, Audit, Taxation, Fraud, Internal organization, CSP management, etc.
  • Benefit from feedback such as AFA control, internal audit and geoficiency, external growth, etc.
  • Participate in the choices and prioritization of developments that are meant to be implemented in the geoficiency evolution roadmap.

Thus, we are once again combining technological excellence with business expertise, for the greatest benefit of everyone and the greatest serenity and efficiency of our organizations.

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For more information

To find out about the Club's agenda, to participate, or to get in touch with its members, please contact us directly.