Our partners - geoficiency

geoficiency's ecosystem

Our Business Partners

You wish to become a geoficiency‘s integrator for you clients and assist them:

  • in their reflections on their strategy and their library of controls
  • in their choice of organization
  • in the operational and business implementation of geoficiency
  • from a possible support to carrying out investigations

Or simply integrate the use of geoficiency in carrying out your missions (audit, consulting, M&A, taxation, etc…)

  • geoficiency partenaire BM&A
    When geoficiency was created, BM&A had already been a renowned and independent financial consulting and audit firm. The BM&A Risk Management and Compliance team regularly intervenes to take charge of the organizational and business aspects during geoficiency deployments among its clients. BM&A offers numerous assistance possibilities to geoficiency clients (training, awareness, link with risk mapping, support in crisis situations, support for external audit, etc.)
  • Our institutional partners

    Institutional partners play an essential role in our discussions. They allow their members to have a platform for exchange and knowledge on important subjects.

    Our long-term relationship with them allows us to contribute to this search for best practice and the best answers.

    Our tech partners

    Committed to high quality service, geoficiency relies on renowned technological partners. Information security and service continuity are at the heart of our concerns.

  • geoficiency partenaire technologique claranet
    Experts in the modernization and running of critical applications, data and infrastructure 24x7, Claranet supports the geoficiency team in the management of its infrastructure.
  • Geoficiency partenaire technologique Microsoft Azure
    A major player in the global hosting, Azure provides hosting in France for the geoficiency solution.