Global solution for control and accounting investigation

geoficiency, a global solution for
control and accounting investigation

True Augmented Intelligence for the control professions, geoficiency provides a concrete, global and simple response to the analysis, control and visualization needs of companies' accounting data. Multilingual solution, accessible in SaaS mode, geoficiency responds to the challenges of operational efficiency, risk management and compliance.

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geoficiency, a global solution for control and accounting investigation

Schema geoficiency solution to meet the needs of the accounting and control professions

Accounting and financial management

Control the quality of accounting before closing, compare subsidiaries practices, improve your operational efficiency, respond more quickly and precisely to external controls.


Prevent tax risk (IS & VAT control, audit trail, completeness of FEC) and respond quickly to questions coming from the administration offices.

Audit and internal control

Prep & carry out all or part of your audit and control missions remotely. Exchange directly with the subsidiaries on the points of attention and the answer provided.

M & A

Accelerate and complete financial due diligence. Facilitate the integration of your new subsidiaries by immediately learning about their organization and practices.

Compliance & Anti corruption

Meet AFA’s requirements interns of anti corruption controls. A dedicated Sapin 2 module allows you to simplify exchanges between the 3 levels of control and offers you a summary report.


Infuse a culture and means of internal accounting control to strengthen the security of managing your holdings and reduce the risk of crisis.

How does geoficiency work?

fonctionnement geoficiency Intégration des données et informations comptables

Enter your data and information

Able to feed on all countries, all ERPs, all volumes, geoficiency also takes into account your specificities.
Fonctionnement geoficiency Identification automatique des points d'attention

Automatic identification
of focusing points

geoficiency analyzes all of your data for you and displays the results in dynamic form (viewing angles, points of attention, filters, drill down, workflow, etc.).
Fonctionnement geoficiency Menez vos investigations comptables et fiscales

Conduct your investigations

geoficiency allows you to carry out any investigation or analysis very quickly, including in a collaborative manner.
Fonctionnement geoficiency Documentez, Concluez, Agissez

Document, Conclude, Act

geoficiency allows you to document all of your work, conclude on points of attention, and share your findings and action plans.

geoficiency, an international solution for global control

geoficiency disponible en 4 langues

In 4 languages

Now available in 4 languages (French, English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish)
geoficiency Lecture et interprétation de tous les caractères

Any character

Reading and interpreting non-Latin characters
geoficiency Paramétrages selon les plans de comptes étrangers

Any accounting plans

Settings according to foreign charts of accounts
geoficiency Gestion des devises pour la comparaison des résultats

Any currency

Currency management for comparing results

geoficiency and you

geoficiency et vous votre responsable opérationnel de compte

Operational account manager

Your operational account manager ("ROC" as we call them) will support you from day one. He/she is your reference point of contact on all subjects (techniques, professions, planning). Experienced, he/she works alongside you, trains your employees, answers your questions and relays your needs to the geoficiency technical team.
geoficiency et vous Nos experts métiers

Our experts

Our business experts support most of our clients during the deployment of geoficiency's software.

They bring you their vision, their mastery of the solution and help you define your usage strategy to get the most out of geoficiency.
geoficiency et vous Le support technique et la R&D

Technical support and R&D

Around our CTO, the geoficiency technical team ensures the smooth daily operation of the solution and devotes a significant amount of its time to the development of new functionalities and new controls, based on the geoficiency strategic roadmap.
geoficiency et vous Le Club geoficiency

The geoficiency Club

Bringing together geoficiency users (large groups and ETIs), the geoficiency Club is a place for exchanges on good professional practices, a place for sharing current events and a place for reflection on the desired developments of geoficiency, to be integrated into the geoficiency strategic roadmap.
geoficiency mock-up écran analyse de données

Challenge geoficiency on a game of your own data!